Tamir Zadok

1979, Holon

Tamir Zadok
Tamir Zadok

Tamir Zadok (Holon, 1979) is an Israeli artist who works with video, photography, and installation. His practice employs various types of recognizable film genres in order to undermine historical narratives and political identities. Zadok tests his identity in relation to the Arab expanse, which functions in his work on two levels: the biographical and the political. His last solo exhibition took place in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 2017 and he has participated in many exhibitions in Israel and abroad, including MODEM, Hungary (2018), Augusta gallery, Helsinki (2017), Martin Grupious Bau, Berlin (2015), Weserburg Museum, Bremen, Germany (2013), European House of Photography, Paris (2012), Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea (2012), Haifa Museum of Art (2011), and Artisterium, Tiblisi, Georgia (2010). He has won several awards and grants such as The Israel Museum Gerard Levi Photography Prize (2016), Artis Project Development Grant (2016), Artport residency (2015/16), Cité Internationale des Art, Paris (2012), and Israel Ministry of Culture Prize for Young Artists (2010).