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Ayça Okay

1991, Izmir

Ayça Okay
Ayça Okay
Advisor, Curator, Moderator, Scouter

Ayça Okay has been actively engaged with LOOP since 2022, nowadays serving as both a scouter and advisor. In her role, she fosters new connections and facilitates collaborations across the European region and the Middle East.

Ayca Okay (born in 1991, Izmir) is a member of AICA Turkey (Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art) and CIMAM (International Committee of Museums and Collections of Modern Art), serving as a curator primarily based between Istanbul and Berlin.

Since 2018, Okay has been actively curating and overseeing exhibitions across various collections, including Borusan Contemporary Museum, Baksı Museum, Contemporary Istanbul Foundation, and the Yves Rocher Foundation. She has also collaborated with projects, spaces and galleries such as Vorfluter Projektraum, Scope Berlin, and Somos Arts in Berlin.

She emphasizes the creation of unique discourses on contemporary issues, aiming to transcend the confines of contemporary art by considering it as a product of various processes, including thoughts, ideas, texts, and experiments. She was elected as a board member of BAKSI Museum and TÜSİAD BBI (Berlin Bosphorus Initiative).

Currently, she is researching the National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens’s collection as part of the International Curators Visiting Program and curating an extended collection exhibition at BAKSI Museum for 2024.


Last updated: February 28th 2024

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