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Ali Kazma

1971, Istanbul

Ali Kazma
Ali Kazma

In his videos Ali Kazma often raises question about significance and meaning of human labor and activity. He completed his undergraduate studies in the United States, studied photography in London and received his MA from the The New School in New York, where he worked as a teaching assistant. He was granted with the 2001 UNESCO Award for the Promotion of the Arts, and received the 2010 Nam June Paik Award given by North Rhine-Westphalia Art Foundation in the field of media art. He has exhibited at the Istanbul Biennial 2001, 2007, and 2011; Tokyo Opera City, 2001; Platform Garanti Istanbul, 2004; Istanbul Modern, 2004; 9th Havana Biennial, 2006; San Francisco Art Institute, 2006; Lyon Biennial, 2007; São Paulo Biennial, 2012; and Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, among others. Lives and works in Istanbul.

Last update 8th May, 2017

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