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Joan Morey wins the Co-Production Award 2017

Joan Morey wins the Co-Production Award 2017

This year, the Co-Production Award promoted by LOOP Barcelona, the Xarxa de Centres d'arts visuals de Catalunya and Arts Santa Monica has been assigned to artist Joan Morey, for the video proposal 'SOCIAL BODY (Anatomy Lesson)'.

Initiated in 2015 by LOOP Barcelona with the support of the Xarxa de Centre d’arts visuals de Catalunya and Arts Santa Monica, the Co-Production Award has the objective to promote video production and the works of those artists who stand out for their innovative thinking and creative process. The award also responds to the will of building up a strong and active network of catalan art centres and to the increasing demand of international visibility by local creators.

This year’s prize was awarded to artist Joan Morey (Mallorca 1972) for SOCIAL BODY (Anatomy Lesson), a video proposal that examines the social construction of the body in Western contemporary culture and its influence in the realm of artistic performance. Finding its deneme bonusu veren siteler starting point in the theoretical standpoints of the sociology of the body, the project aims at reviving the anatomy lessons in Baroque painting and their performativity, by opposing two essential elements: the body (i.e., the performer) and the setting (where the action takes place).

SOCIAL BODY (Anatomy Lesson) wants to analyse, organise and display the codes behind the making of a work of art, according to a genealogical investigation of the very medium that defines it. This said, the subtitle of the work might as well be “Anatomy Lesson [Of the Performance]”. Among the artist’s intentions, there is indeed that of dissecting the grammar of the performance – especially that where the body is key -, and its translation in the language of video creation and screen viewing experience.

Learn more about the Co-Production Award and the previous winning artists, here.

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