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LOOP Fair Award

The LOOP Fair Award honors the work "How Was History Wounded?" in which Taiwanese artists Wang Jun-Jieh and Cheang Shu Lea analyze the media coverage of the wave of protests and the Tiananmen massacre in 1989. The jury highlighted that the video, which investigates the politics of the image and the image of politics, "focuses on issues such as democracy and media control, putting the spotlight on the treatment of information with the aim of covering up a situation of political repression". This prize is awarded to the Chi-Wen Gallery of Taipei, which will be invited to participate in the next edition of the LOOP Fair.

LOOP Fair Award 2023

LOOP Fair Award 2023

How Was History Wounded? (1989)

Wang Jun-Jieh and Cheang Shu Lea

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LOOP Fair Acquisition Award

The LOOP Fair Acquisition Award goes to Shadi Habib Allah, a Palestinian artist based in the United States, for his work "M1", presented by the Rodeo Gallery, based in London and Piraeus. "Through an inter-species gaze, the video proposes a reflection on the value of nature and the possibility of the absence of hierarchies," says the jury, which also praised "the singular use of sound, as well as the porous texture and the interweaving of images and the use of found footage."

LOOP Fair Acquisition Award 2023

LOOP Fair Acquisition Award 2023

M1 (2022)

Shadi Habib Allah

London / Piraeus
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LOOP Fair Acquisition Award past editions

House Without a Key

House Without a Key (2020)

Marta Skoczeń

LOOP Fair Acquisition Award 2022
The Storyteller

The Storyteller (2012)

Katia Kameli

LOOP Fair Acquisition Award 2021
The Queen of Lemons

The Queen of Lemons (2018)

Helen Dowling

LOOP Fair Acquisition Award 2020


Claudia Martínez Garay

LOOP Fair Acquisition Award 2019

Venom (2016)

Péter Forgács

LOOP Fair Acquisition Award 2018
El éxtasis debe ser olvidado

El éxtasis debe ser olvidado (2017)

Evangelia Kranioti

LOOP Fair Acquisition Award 2017
Adventures in Mozambique and the Portuguese Tendency To Forget

Adventures in Mozambique and the Portuguese Tendency To Forget (2016)

Ângela Ferreira

LOOP Fair Acquisition Award 2016
The Story of Milk and Honey

The Story of Milk and Honey (2011)

Basma Alsharif

LOOP Fair Acquisition Award 2015
Cruzar un Muro

Cruzar un Muro (2012)

Enrique Ramirez

LOOP Fair Acquisition Award 2014

Corda (2014)

Pablo Lobato

LOOP Fair Acquisition Award 2014

Nefandus (2013)

Carlos Motta

LOOP Fair Acquisition Award 2013

Zurich (2012)


LOOP Fair Acquisition Award 2012
Holly Precursor

Holly Precursor (2011)

Uriel Orlow

LOOP Fair Acquisition Award 2011
L’adaptation Manifeste

L’adaptation Manifeste (2008)

Aurélien Froment

LOOP Fair Acquisition Award 2010
Figuring Grounds

Figuring Grounds (1985-2008)

Gary Hill

LOOP Fair Acquisition Award 2009
Half Awake Half Asleep

Half Awake Half Asleep

Eva Teppe

LOOP Fair Acquisition Award 2006

LOOP Fair Mention Honor

For the best gallery proposal, which awards the gallery with participation to the next LOOP Fair edition.

LOOP Fair Mention Honor 2020

LOOP Fair Mention Honor 2020

The Desire Project (2016)

Grada Kilomba

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LOOP Discover

The LOOP Discover Award has been created with the aim to support and recognize the recent production of videos and films by international artists through a free open call to the artistic community.

LOOP Discover 2019

LOOP Discover 2019

Operation Jane Walk (2018)

Leonhard Müllner

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CIFRA Award celebrates innovative art and originality in artistic expression, pushing the boundaries of video distribution technologies. The jury is formed by Olga Shishko (CIFRA Art Department, MediaArt Lab Director), Carlos Durán (LOOP Director) and Paolo Rosso (Cinema Galleggiante in Giudecca, Founder). The Award is promoted by the CIFRA platform for media art.

CIFRA Award 2023

CIFRA Award 2023

Solar Noon (2022)

Fredj Moussa

Sidi Bou Said
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