Galerie Tanit

Galerie Tanit was established in 1972. The program of the 1980/90ies focused on Minimal Art, Conceptual Art, and Arte Povera. The roster of the gallery – that temporarily had additional spaces in Brussels and Cologne – was later extended and exhibitions indicated a gradual shift from the program of the 1980/90ies to a younger generation of international artists. Since then, Galerie Tanit has been also representing artists with a Middle Eastern background. In 2007 Naila Kettaneh Kunigk opened an additional gallery in Beirut where she shows local and foreign artists with the intention to participate in the cultural and artistic revival of Lebanon. Based in the vibrant Mar Mikhael district, the gallery supports young Lebanese artists while maintaining a lively international program. Since its launch in Beirut, it encourages innovation with openness to the diversity of contemporary art, offering new experiences to the public. In the thriving local art scene, Tanit provides stimulating encounters with visual arts to build cultural bridges and open meaningful discussions.