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Claire Oliver Gallery

Claire Oliver’s commitment to remaining in the primary market, solely promoting emerging and mid-career artists, has allowed for intensive focus, development and insight, which has led to significant advancement in the gallery artists’ careers. As an outcome of this practice, the gallery’s artists have been included in The Venice Biennale and Whitney Biennial, and have received prestigious fellowships including the Fulbright, Guggenheim, US Artist and NEA. Claire Oliver Gallery artists are included in the permanent collections of many important museums including The Smithsonian American Art Museum, The Tate Modern, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The State Hermitage Museum and MoMA, New York. In addition to maintaining an ambitious exhibition schedule, Claire Oliver Gallery collaborates with not-for-profits to realize ambitious public art projects.

Claire Oliver Gallery was established to promote an agenda emphasizing the physicality of the artistic process regardless of medium. Encouraging artists to experiment without restraint has given the gallery a singular vision displayed through a diverse range of genre, all of which balance the conceptual with the inventive. This freedom from preconceived expectations has resulted in the gallery’s unique aesthetic significance within the international contemporary art market.

Claire Oliver Gallery is committed to fostering the careers of its represented artists by building institutional and critical awareness, and through the conscientious development of their commercial market. The gallery’s continued determination to showing works that convey their conceptual underpinnings while remaining smart, well informed and beautiful has earned the respect of curators and collectors worldwide.

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