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Trisha Baga

Winter’s Springs, Live in Space

Société, Berlin

Trisha Baga
Winter’s Springs, Live in Space
35 min 59 s
Format & Technical

Projected video on acrylic on canvas (106.7 x 157.5 cm, 42 x 62 in)

The American artist Trisha Baga once described themself as an “experimental adhesive maker.” A certain meandering, improvisational quality marks their work, which gleans the margins of the digital and the logic of online browsing to create dreamy, layered narratives in physical space. Baga will premiere a new large-scale painting at LOOP, which will be illuminated by a complex light projection that layers streams of audio-visual interfaces and lighting motifs across the canvas. These shimmering projections cast a lustrous, ever-shifting halo around the painted image. Building upon the visual language developed in their 2021 work BODY CLOCK, which premiered at Art Basel Unlimited that same year, Baga’s presentation at LOOP will be their second foray into combining painting and video into an immersive installation.


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