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Dodda Maggý

I’m not here

BERG Contemporary, Reykjavík

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Dodda Maggý
I’m not here
2 min 22 s

The silent video is projected on a white wall, in a day-lit room, the white pallet of the video fading into its surroundings. Instead of working with darkness, the artist seeks to make its character fade into actual space. The formal setting of the video itself follows the same principle, becoming one with its surroundings. Wanting to create a work that represents the space it is created in while recording a performance, the work consists of a triangle; a performer, the camera, and the viewer, all together interwoven with the notions of daydreaming and reverie.

As told by the artist herself: “Performing in front of the camera is a way of encountering myself; the camera’s eye reflects my own gaze as if I’m looking in a mirror, while the character I portray reflects this gaze onto the viewer. I play with the viewer’s gaze, deliberately placing the viewer in specific viewpoints with the framing of the image and styles of editing.” As both a visual artist, as well as a musical composer, Dodda Maggý is inspired by film theory and time-based media itself, playing on the language of moving imagery through popular media.


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