Vasco Araújo


Galeria Presença, Porto

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Vasco Araújo
20 min 4 s
Format & Technical

16 / 9
HD Color
Edition of 5 + 2 AP

  • Voice: Francesco Troisi
  • Text: Alexandre Melo
  • :

In Epico, Araújo departs from American classical cinema concepts in order to subvert some of its visual codes through the manipulation of image, text and music, and arrive at something that lies between a filmed storyboard, a notebook or a model for a possible epic film. Hence, Epico unfolds in different narrative planes: combining different images of the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley with the narration of an original text, written by Alexandre Melo, and which builds on the classical structure of an epic text, probing on the relationships of the single character with the others (the lover and/or the enemies). The musical score, from Wagner’s tetralogy “The Ring of the Nibelungs”, is a staple of the notion of epic, recounting the heroic accomplishments, drama and affairs between gods and men. Drawing on this recomposition or deconstruction of the notion of epic, the audience is invited to explore a world of allegory, love, passion, drama, war, destruction and hope. With this video, Araújo proposes to rehearse new ways of thinking about our relationship with the “other” as a fundamental way to forge multiple identities.