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Sebastián Díaz Morales

#4 Route 26

carlier | gebauer, Berlin

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Sebastián Díaz Morales
#4 Route 26
10 min
Format & Technical

4K, Vertical Single-Channel Video, Colour, Sound

Projected on a large vertical screen, #4 Route 26 exhibits a sequence shot of a route that travels endlessly on the asphalt. Shot from above, the vertically depicted ground creates a connection with the ceiling of the exhibition space.

#4 Route 26 forms part of the series titled Talk with Dust: a sequence that explores the extraordinary and the fantastic through notions of the real and the present. These 8 works that compose this body of a work, explore quotidian occurrences and patterns through a lens that approach these existences as an extraordinary phenomenon. In this particular route, patches that cover holes in the asphalt occasionally appear, personifying the existence of past and future civilizations. Referencing the presence and traces of the past and future through the repetition of a common and frequent symbol, ultimately manifests the concept of the extraordinary.

With the intention to be exhibited as a whole, these individual films create a sequence composed of distinct extended fragments. In #4 Route 26 the prolonged visual of a route, would intertwine with other quotidian visuals including a candle, or a sunrise. These visuals not only examine ideas of repetition or the reiteration of time, but overall, Talk with Dust uncovers the extraordinary within the ordinary.


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