Visions, Visionats i Visionaris

— curated by Agustí Fructuoso (TPK) & Andrea Hilger (OSTRALE)

18 — 27 May 2017

Anne Müller. "Snack Machine," 2016

Screenings from a selection of international artists: Anne Müller, Jose Mart, col·lectiu DROPP (Jérémie Delaveau, Marine Delcroix, Grégoire Fabvre & Vincent Rubin), Alberto Lozano, Marcus Sharar

The TPK offers screenings of work by several international artists. The programe has been put together jointly with the French collective DROPP and the OSTRALE in Dresden. The works shown will include screenings as well as video installations.

Curator: Augustí Fructuoso – TPK –

Albert Lozano: Projecte Zenón  2017 / Vídeo.-Instalation and photographys 

Jose Mart, Sense titol 2017 / Vídeo. Instalation 

Col·lectiu DROPP, Vues dépourvues, 2017 / Vídeo.  Instalation 

Curator : Andrea Hilger, Director of OSTRALE, Dresden

Marcus Sharar, The curator  2011 / Video, 4, 25 min 

Anne Müller, Lure / Arqueology of everyday 2017, Snak Machine 2016 / Video 4’ 23’’