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1+1+1…: ‘They Come From Afar’ by Anna Dot

— Curated by Marta Pol Rigau

9 — 19 November 2021

1+1+1…: ‘They Come From Afar’ by Anna Dot
Anna Dot, 'They Come from Afar', 2020. Still from video, courtesy of the artist

The project 'Venen de lluny' by artist Anna Dot is part of the delocalized itinerary "1+1+1...", that will unfold throughout the Gothic and El Born neighborhoods from November 9th 21st.

The village Vall de Santa Creu is crossed by many paths that allow us to cross the mountains of Rodes from a side to the other quite easily. With all this in mind, They come from afar is a walk initats at Palau Saverdera with destination to Vall de Santa Creu.

The route pass across many points that evidence the antiquity of these paths such as the group of dolmens of Fontasia, Sant Onofre church, Mas Ventós, Santa Helena church, Sant Pere de Rodes monastery and the stone huds that can be found around Coll Perer.

For centuries humans have been using these paths, crossing the mountains in all directions. But it’s been not only us. Also the birds cross them through their paths in the sky. This video piece begins from an initial parallelism between land and air routes.

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