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‘The Audiovisual Unconscious II’. Martin Arnold & Peter Tscherkassky

— Screening and presentation at the presence of the filmmakers

Tuesday 7 June 2016, 8 pm

‘The Audiovisual Unconscious II’. Martin Arnold & Peter Tscherkassky
Outer Space (Peter Tscherkassky, 1999)

'The audiovisual unconscious: Martin Arnold and Peter Tscherkassky', a programme curated by Arnau Horta and produced in collaboration with LOOP Festival, brings together the work of these two Austrian experimental filmmakers and investigates the role of the unconscious in their found footage cinema. Session one offers some of their most outstanding films, with a presentation by the filmmakers.

Martin Arnold and Peter Tscherkassky are two of the foremost representatives of Austrian experimental cinema. Despite the differences between their working methodologies and the way they use found footage, both Arnold and Tscherkassky seem to want to reveal a whole series of meanings hidden within the audiovisual continuum; things which, somehow, were already there, but which can only be extracted and displayed by means of a process of alteration, aggression and alienation of cinematographic narratives and techniques. This layer of concealed meaning that seems to emerge from the depths of dreams and original images is what we call the ‘audiovisual unconscious’.


– Passage à l’acte, Martin Arnold, 1993

– Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy, Martin Arnold, 1998

– Outer Space, Peter Tscherkassky, 1999

– Instructions for a Light & Sound Machine, Peter Tscherkassky, 2005

DCP screening. Presentation by the filmmakers followed by a debate with the public.

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