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Patricia Dauder. Sketches

3 — 19 June 2016

Patricia Dauder. Sketches
Patricia Dauder, Groundworks (2015). Courtesy the artist

The exhibition 'Sketches' is an installation consisting of drawings, sculptures and video projections showing recent work by Patricia Dauder (Barcelona, 1973).

Her work is an attempt to capture ingeniously and sensorly the images that populate her surrounding reality. Dauder recognizes herself as an introspective workshop artist. However, in 2015, she began a new line of work focusing on the dialogue with the outside world. Inside the grounds of the former textile colony Godó i Trias in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, the artist started a project of excavation of workshop materials and objects, subjected to the transformations of time and nature. Many of the works presented in Sketches arise from the plastic and conceptual reflections emerging in the course of her fieldwork in L’Hospitalet.

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