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Screening Performances

30 October — 3 November 2018

Screening Performances

Screening Performances is a two-fold theatre work about the generational iconography of the 80s and 90s and about their relation to the culture industry. The two performances take “the screen as an actor” to articulate a dramaturgy that does not distinguish between bodies, technologies, collective imagination and conventions, with the aim of observing not only how we produce images, but also how images produce us.

Cielo TV

With Esteban Feune de Colombi, Marta Ros, Laura Weissmahr, and 13th Magic Skull.
Idea and creation: David G. Torres and Marc Caellas.

Cielo TV  takes as its starting point some of the landscapes on David G. Torres’ book Cielo. Basically, the reconstruction of the art and music scenes of the 1980s in New York, a moment filled with nostalgia that we identify with the appearance of a scene based on the punk motto do it yourself, as well as with the traces of Warhol and his influence on art, the parties, the free TV shows such as Party TV, the night clubs… The 1980s in New York have been mythologised as free and creative. This project’s staging proposal insists on such mythology, reconstructing and idealising as a space of freedom an era that was not lived. The intention of re-enacting a context implies activating a nostalgia for things one did not live, or else a vicarious experience; that is, remembering as one’s own something not actually lived, or having experiences that belong to others. Thus, besides presenting a number of current strategies about uncreativeness, citation and collage, Cielo TV implies a reflection on the theatrical as a means to experiment with other lives, times and spaces.

Grafic Design: Àlex Gifreu.
With the collaboration of ADN Platform, Antonio Ortega and el Centro Cultural de España en México.
Special Thanks to Enric Farrés, Jordi Roca, Miguel Ángel Sánchez and Xavi Roca.
90 min.

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…Disc!!! La Diosa del Trap matará la industria del… 

With Bea Pelea and Jordi Vilches.
Idea and direction: Isaki Lacuesta

On the theatre stage: the popular and young trap singer Bea Pelea meets face to face with a cinema actor. The first interprets a character that closely resembles her: a poet, anarchist and alleged drug addict, hypersensitive, talented and charismatic. The actor interprets an old-school music producer, an alter ego of Phil Spector. The meeting is a rehearsal for a film shooting, in which the director enters the scene and gives instructions, corrects the actors and makes suggestions. From time to time, the director projects videos so that the actors can see with examples what it is he is looking for.

…Disc!!! is a theatrical film about the way each generation creates its own spirit of subversion, expression and poetry. It is about how the music and fashion industries seek to capture this spirit to turn it into a trend, a commercial asset. The hip-hop tradition (including trap) has been extremely aware of this tension between fighting against the system and being commercially absorbed by it (willingly or not), and it has turned this crossroads into a recurrent theme of its lyrics, its aesthetics and even its own life philosophy.

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Cielo TV
30 and 31 October 2018 8.30pm Escenari Brossa
2 and 3 Novembre 2018 8.30pm Escenari Brossa
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