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Ascent by Fiona Tan

— 2016

Sunday 18 November 2018, 6 pm

Ascent by Fiona Tan
Fiona Tan, 'Ascent', 2016, still from film. Courtesy of the artist

LOOP and Casa Asia present Ascent (2016), one of Fiona Tan’s latest feature length films and representative of the artist’s exploration of movement and stillness. Through the collection of a wide selection of still images portraying the mountain from different perspectives and a subtle voice-over, the film recounts of the fictional correspondence between a western female writer and her Japanese deceased partner. 4500 diverse photographs from the past 150 years constitute the basis for this work, which unfolds into a poetic exercise spanning both fiction and documentary and opening up questions on hybrid forms of production and the mingling of disciplines. Fiona Tan (Pekanbaru, Indonesia) is best known for her skilfully crafted video and film installations, in which explorations of memory, time, history and the role of visual images are key. Her installations and photographic works have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in international venues. She has written and directed to date two feature length films.

* In collaboration with Casa Asia.

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