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Natalia Carminati and Josecarlos Flórez. ‘Sand Walk’

Saturday 12 November 2022, 7:30 — 9:30 pm

Natalia Carminati and Josecarlos Flórez. ‘Sand Walk’
Natalia Carminati, 'Sand Walk'. Image courtesy the artist.

Sand Walk is a sonorous performance that investigates our perception of time. One of the main axes of exploration of the project is to investigate the notion of “real time” and the duration of a present instance interfering reality and virtuality.

Based on Bergson’s theory of time and freely inspired by the work Water Walk (John Cage, 1960), the performance concentrates all its force of action in a challenging 3-minute-score of 64 events. The start of each action is controlled by the use of a stopwatch. However, the sounds produced will become unpredictable durations creating a random and unique composition that integrates the sounds of the environment, instances of silence and the spontaneous sounds of the audience.

Using different languages and technological devices, Sand Walk tries to explore the nature of time: its anatomy, synchronicity, simultaneity, and its flow. According to Terence McKenna’s Time Wave theory, time is not linear, but there are continuous ingressions of time in time. Can we introduce other present instances to our present? Can we use images to measure time? Or sounds to control it? What is the “real time” of Sand Walk?

This project addresses these questions through an experimental performative score that will result in a live visual and sound composition in which the audience co-creates the final recording that will be shared with them.


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