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La Rambla – Ángel Marcos

12 — 22 November 2018

La Rambla – Ángel Marcos
Ángel Marcos, La Rambla, 2016

Ángel Marcos has tackled Barcelona from his personal approach, the same that has until now guided his cycle “Alrededor del sueño” [“On Sleeping”] and taken him to live and analyse the contemporary city from different perspectives at once: politically, culturally, socially, economically, historically… all in order to capture as well as possible the changes that are taking place. Far from offering a superficial or recurrent view of the city’s “shell,” the artist delves into its intense transformation.
Broadly speaking, the global project highlights the fact that, at a time free of overarching ideological discourses, in which we consider the existence of post- or supra-national states, plurinational citizenships, multiple identities and so on (all of it framed in a context of integration of diversity and plurality), the collective dreams of the 18th and 19th centuries can only show their outdated condition through waste images of strong conceptual and historiographical impact.

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Sala Parés


Sala Parés
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