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Bestué-Vives, Claudia Claremi, Alia Farid, Eulàlia Valldosera. ‘RAVAL TIMEZONE’

— A project by Arash Fayez and The Voice of the Artist

16 — 18 November 2022

Bestué-Vives, Claudia Claremi, Alia Farid, Eulàlia Valldosera. ‘RAVAL TIMEZONE’
Imagen por cortesía de Arash Fayez.

RAVAL TIMEZONE is a screening program of four videos placed in four shops in the Raval neighbourhood.

Title of event: Raval Timezone

Date of event: 16, 17, and 18 of November 2022

Time of event: 5-8pm

RAVAL TIMEZONE is a screening program comprising four video works presented in four shops in the neighbourhood of Raval, where commerce is mostly run by the migrant population of this district. For three days, these shops will add another function to the many services they provide to the people of the neighbourhood, by generously offering their space and equipment to display these video works. In the second-hand shop El Trueque [calle de la Riera Alta, 24], you can watch Acciones en casa by Bestué-Vives that represents various actions in a private space that could be called home. The video is presented in the midst of countless objects from many forgotten houses, stored before they find a new home to reside for some time. A few meters away, and surrounded by a vivid stock of glowing fruits, Claudia Claremi’s video La Memoria de las Frutas is presented on the small display of Punjab fruit shop [calle de la Riera Alta, 43], to remind us of the forgotten stories and histories of fruits that have disappeared from our everyday life. In the Indian restaurant Haldi [calle del Carme, 71], Alia Farid’s At the Time of the Ebb is played on the television installed on a pink wall, under glamorously colourful ceilings. The video brings us to an island during summer solstice, where the local residents are performing traditional rituals to inhabit a place that exists beyond what we consider as geopolitical or ideological borders. The large display of Hussain butcher shop [calle del Hospital, 147] is hosting Envases Borrados by Eulalia Valldosera while Hussain (Delawar) is preparing the meat for the neighbours’ dinner. In the video a mass-produced household object is manipulated and its name is erased until it becomes a container with no name. As an ending note, most of the migrant population (of Raval) has limited time to visit art spaces. This is why RAVAL TIMEZONE is aiming to bring these artworks to locations that the residents are connected to, and more importantly, where they spend part of their day, which is the neighbourhood they inhabit and its stores. While visiting these spaces, please be mindful that the main audience of this screening program are the people of the neighbourhood of Raval. We thank you for your understanding.

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