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Job Ramos & Irene Solà. ‘Pantalla CCCB’

1 May — 30 June 2016

Job Ramos & Irene Solà. ‘Pantalla CCCB’
Job Ramos, Inversió d’un pla (2015). Courtesy the artist

Works by Job Ramos, in May, and Irene Solà, in June, to be displayed at the "Pantalla CCCB, a month, an artist" programme.

“Pantalla CCCB, a month, an artist” is presented as an audiovisual exhibition space in our building and, at the same time, a screen on our website: a space for contemplation, a window on the work of these creators, for discovery, knowledge and enjoyment.

Curator Anna Dot proposes the presentation of Inversió d’un pla by Job Ramos (Olot, 1974) in May, and Louis Garrel by Irene Solà (Malla, 1990) in June, respectively. Both works deal with the presence of cinema in everyday life; a presence that acts like a force influencing the perception of what surrounds the artist and of which the artwork becomes a reflection.

May : Job Ramos, Inversió d’un pla, 2009
June : Irene Solà, Louis Garrel, 2015

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