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Muestra de vídeos experimentales

— September 23, 24 & 25, 1984

18 — 27 May 2017

Muestra de vídeos experimentales

LOOP 2017 commemorates the "Exhibition of experimental videos,” first presented during La Mercè in 1984 in the courtyard of the Marès Museum. This year, we feature "Videoflashs" (1982) by Patrick Bousquet and Michel Jaffrennou and "30 second spots: TV commercials for artists" (1982) by Joan Logue.

The Muestra de vídeos experimentales, which was first displayed in the courtyard of the Marès Museum during La Mercè in 1984, aimed to present the new artistic practices emerging after the advent of television and video-tape recording.

In this edition of the festival, LOOP has revived some of the videos from the original selection to take another look at the mecum’s use in the eighties, and to experience it again in light of new aesthetic paradigms. The selection may include a projection of 30 second spots: TV commercial for artists and Videoflashs, which were both originally presented in 1982 and focused on the influence of the television medium. Putting together very brief fragments in the form of “spots” or “flashes”, the two videos propose a reflection on television as a physical (and, perhaps, poetic) object and advertising tool. On the other hand, it could also be said that, because of their humorous reference to the traditional artistic media, the two pieces are translated into video-portraits or video-sculptures.

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