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Lens-based practices and their production conditions.

— Production schemes involving collaboration with other structures and cooperation between public and private entities.

Tuesday 15 November 2022, 4 — 5:30 pm

Lens-based practices and their production conditions.

The producing process of a lens-based project depends on both the economic and social conditions within which it operates. It is also an interweaving of decision making, degrees of knowledge, and networks. What are the principles, agreements, guidelines, and forms of support a art practitioner can expect to receive? How is the collaboration between the artist and other professionals, including curators, art consultants, programmers, defined and how does it contribute to the development of a new lens-based project? Lastly, how requirements for better representation, and claims for better work conditions including professional contracting and fair compensation, are reshaping the manner in which art professionals work? The encounter will be an opportunity for participants to share experiences in producing and to consider how to define tools and prerequisites that could contribute to fairer, and more efficient standards.

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