14 November 2018 — 5 January 2019

MIRALDA, collage of images from public performances: The Last Ingredients MIA - Apocalypsis Lamb NYC - Santa Eulalia.175 BCN

The exhibition “MIRALDA THREE PROJECTS (NYC-MIA-BCN)” will showcase the projects “Bedspread Apocalypsis Lamb” (NYC), “The Last Ingredients” (MIA) and “Santa Eulalia. 175” (BCN). They include photography, drawings, audiovisual pieces, collages and other materials that will allow the viewer to get an idea of the scope and complexity of the projects that characterise the artist.

Starting November 21, the gallery will also exhibit  “Landlocked” (2015) at the mezzanina, a video by Miguel Ángel Rios. Bolivia has suffered since several centuries access block to the Pacific Ocean. The video “Landlocked” is a metaphor of desire. Dogs of the high mountains from the Andes foothills, were trained to dig and execute their work, creating an illusion to get to the Ocean.

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