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Literatura expandida

— An exhibition dedicated to the work of Jordi Lara

18 — 27 May 2017

Literatura expandida
Jordi Lara, 'Una màquina d'espavilar ocells de nit', 2011

The Centre d'Art Maristany presents 'Literatura expandida', an exhibition dedicated to the work of Jordi Lara.

Literatura expandida is a video exhibition that explores the way in which images are present in the depths of the literary act. In the works of Jordi Lara (Vic, 1968), the camera becomes the writer’s notebook, from where literature expands into an explosion of images. This video exhibition showcases a number of works and studies. On the one hand, Estudis germinals groups a series of film pieces that stemmed from the exploration of a written work to generate new texts; on the other, Estudis recreatius includes proposals that use video as a language and a format to recreate the literary universes of Thomas Mann, Màrius Torres, Mercè Rodoreda, or even Josep Maria Folch i Torres.

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