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The Creature from Jekyll Island

5 October — 25 November 2022

The Creature from Jekyll Island

The Creature from Jekyll Island is a popular conspiracy pamphlet published in 1994. It reveals the alleged plots of the US Federal Reserve System in the early 20th century to put the population into debt. As with all conspiracy fantasies, it combines facts with personal speculation in a narrative in which it is impossible to distinguish fact from ction. 

Today, denialism, superstition, post-truth and anti-scientic arguments are becoming more and more widespread. This way of understanding the world speaks to us of a shared malaise and reveals a terrible disappointment in a world with unequal opportunities. Through this group exhibition, several artists and guests from the cultural world oer us reections on the crossovers between ction and non-ction, communication, visual, oral or written language, fakes, secrets, historical and temporal resources, or the very concept of truth. 


Violeta Mayoral. Un paisatge estrany. (2020)
Servei de Documentació i Accés al Coneixement (SEDAC). Inauguració Centre Cívic Guinardó. (1982) [com a part d’instal·lació Les veritats ja no temples de Daniel Gasol, 2016–2022]

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