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Inhabitants. What Is Deep Sea Mining?

— A new curated programme on VIDEOCLOOP

12 — 24 November 2019

Inhabitants. What Is Deep Sea Mining?
Inhabitants, What is Deep Sea Mining? Episode 1: Tools for Ocean Literacy, 2018. With Margarida Mendes. Commissioned by TBA21–Academy. Video still

For its first collaboration with LOOP,  TBA21­­–Academy presents the Inhabitants’ web series in the making What Is Deep Sea Mining? (2018-ongoing), as a curated online proposal on VIDEOCLOOP, the festival’s platform for the streaming of artists’ film and video. A project formed by artists Mariana Silva and Pedro Neves Marques, Inhabitants attempts to reinvent the modalities and aesthetics of factual investigation and documentary-making. The name of the duo echoes a straightforward geopolitical standpoint, while it pays tribute to Armenian filmmaker Artavazd Peleshyan’s homonymous short film, which depicts epic moments of animal migrations and stampedes. The series of episodes was commissioned by TBA21­­–Academy and made in collaboration with Lisbon-based curator Margarida Mendes. It pursues and highlights Inhabitants’ ecological and environmental agenda by looking at the topic of deep sea mining, a new frontier of resource extraction at the bottom of the ocean, set to begin in the next few years.

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