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Fer el préssec (en un bowl)

— Fooling around (in a Bowl)

12 — 25 November 2018

Fer el préssec (en un bowl)
Alejandro Palacín and Mònica Planes. 'Fer el préssec (en un bowl)', 2018

Fer el préssec (en un bowl) [“Fooling around (in a Bowl)”] is the video recording of an improvised action during a visit to Spain’s first skatepark, located in Arenys de Munt, currently almost buried in the mountain. The action shows two bodies in a skate bowl moving without a board, as if they were two peaches inside a fruit bowl. The video is part of the exhibition Jugar com una fruita no és jugar [“Playing like a Fruit Is not Playing”], an inquiry on the limits and differences between using and playing, which are explored by confronting leisure spaces and everyday objects.

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