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Festes de la Mercè 1984

— Mostra de vídeos experimentals

18 May — 27 April 2017

Festes de la Mercè 1984
Joan Logue, ‘TV Commercials, 30 second Spots’.

Re-enactment of the program that was presented at the Frederic Marès Museum in 1984, in the framework of the "La Mercé" Festival, with the collaboration of Electronic Art Intermix

This year, LOOP Festival pays tribute to the experimental video screenings that were organised in the patio of the Museu Marès during the 1984 celebrations of La Mercè. In so doing, the festival recovers some of the videos that evidence the new artistic practices that arose after the advent of television and video recording in the 80s. The pieces re-presented now are `30 Second Spots: TV Commercial` for Artists by American artist Joan Logue (McKeesport, PA, 1942) and `Videoflashs` by Michel Jaffrennou (1944) and Patrick Bousquet (1954). By grouping very short fragments in the form of spots or flashs, both videos invite the viewer to reflect on television as a physical (and perhaps poetic) object and as an advertising tool. In humoristic reference to traditional art forms, the two pieces translate into video-portraits (Logue) or video-sculptures (Jaffrennou/Bousquet).

One Week Screening

Michel Jaffrennou and Patrick Bousquet,
` Videoflash`, 1982 .
Joan Logue,in collaboration with the artists,
`30 second spots: TV Commercials`, 1982-83.
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