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1+1+1…: Laura Moreno Bueno. ‘Event 0’

8 — 20 November 2022, 10 am — 8 pm

1+1+1…: Laura Moreno Bueno. ‘Event 0’

The fact that the speed of light is a constant is one of the most relevant facts on space-time in special relativity.

This fact is expressed in the geometry of space-time through the existence of structures of cones of light. To see the structure, imagine an event O in which there is an explosion.

The structure of the cone of light analogically categorises “what connects to what” information in space-time.

If you are located in O, the events in the cone of light of the past or future are only that can be reached with a physical signal, such as an ordinary particle or a flash of light that may be emitted from the event itself.

Only the occurrence of events upholds the distinction between the past, present and future.

For the installation, let us imagine an “O” event. An explosion, a projection.

A channel generates a forward-facing cone of light, both literally and conceptually.

The event takes place when the light emitted by the “explosion” is received by another body at a different speed: the visitor. Thus, the occurrence of events (an ordinary particle or a flash of life) partakes of the installation; of a past, present and future, affirmed here by the sound of photosensible microphones that respond to these luminous events.

Laura’s participation in expanded cinema is precisely focused on essays on the peculiarities of what is live, on the moment, and on the event of the present.

The experience of the piece will be determined by the mediation carried out by visitors’ bodies and the architectural features of the venue.

This will leave the event aside to be this way or that, and to likewise be read differently.

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