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Espaces d’amis

— A project with independent art spaces of Barcelona

27 May — 5 June 2016

Espaces d’amis

Today, in Barcelona, there are several initiatives that provide another way to interact with the artworks where intimacy and closeness prevail. Under a “do it yourself” practice, these projects try to create spaces to exhibit and generate discourse, forging an ecosystem parallel to that of the institutions that functions with another type of economy, based on generosity and affection. In 1986, Jean Hoet organized Chambres d’amis, an exhibition across 58 domestic spaces in Gent. The inhabitants, which did not have to be collectors, hosted the exhibition and had conversations about it in a relaxed atmosphere. This feature is recovered in Espaces d’amis, that of composing a group exhibition for those platforms. The project is conceived as an invitation to a talk with each of these agents on their project through moving image. It is about working together on difference to generate the possibility of creating a common voice and affirming the role that each of them has in the artistic ecosystem of the city.

BAR project 27.05 - 04.06

Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, 'Farmacopea'
Opening: 27.05, 7 pm

El Palomar 27.05 - 04.06

Cecilia Barriga, 'Multitud de reinas'
Opening: 27.05, 8 pm

Espai Colona

Nicolas Grum, 'Enemigo interno'
Opening: 29.05, 12 pm

Fireplace 28.05 - 18.06

Eulàlia Rovira & Adrian Schlinder, 'La mirada rebota frenèticament'
Opening: 28.05, 6 pm

Halfhouse 14.05 - 18.06

Silvia Gubern, 'Primera Mort'
Opening: 27.05, 7.30 pm

Homesession 27.05 - 05.06

Pedro Moraes
Opening: 27.05 7.30 pm

Sala Kino 27.05 - 04.06

Esperanza Collado, 'Things Said Once'
Opening: 27.05

Múltiplos 27.05 - 04.06

On Better Books, VV.AA.
Opening: 27.05, 7 pm

The Green Parrot 27.05 - 05.06

Shana Moulton, 'Feel me, heal me, touch me, see me…'
Opening: 27.05, 7 pm
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