Douglas Gordon. ‘I Had Nowhere To Go’

Friday 16 November 2018, 9:30 pm

Douglas Gordon. 'I Had Nowhere to Go', 2016

As a result of the long term collaboration with curator Pascale Cassagnau and responsible of the audiovisual and new media collection of the CNAP (Centre National des arts plastiques, Paris), LOOP presents I Had Nowhere To Go: A Portrait of a Displaced Person (2016) by renowned visual artist Douglas Gordon. The film is a ninety-seven minute project in which experimental filmmaker Jonas Mekas is heard via voice-over reading passages from his 1991 autobiography of the same title, while his image intermittently appears out of the dark blankness that the black screen of the work is governed by. Another example of Gordon’s tendency to play with the expectations around moving image works and a somewhat hybrid production between video art and experimental cinema, I Had Nowhere To Go continues the artist’s practice as a portraitist while creating a space for debating on the frontiers between different disciplines.