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Mil imatges olfactives! [A Thousand Olfactory Images!]

5 November — 12 December 2021

Mil imatges olfactives! [A Thousand Olfactory Images!]
Willi Bucher

Gaudi’s first house Casa Vicens welcomes a selection of works from the Colección olorVISUAL - Ernesto Ventós Foundation.

The title of this exhibition is an expression that was commonly used by Ernesto Ventós. This collector and creator of fragrances and the author of the olorVISUAL collection of the Ernesto Ventós Foundation would utter this phrase whenever his olfactory memory drew a connection with a video art piece. 

Indeed, the renowned perfumer added to the images and sounds used to create video art one more element: smell.

Thus, in the tour you can follow in Casa Vicens, not only can you interact with Gaudí’s characteristic originality, but the essences that accompany the video creations will help you connect even more strongly with the building’s colours and shapes.

Fragrances of liquor, tobacco, flowers, ozone… all of these highlight the way in which the video artists’ works interact with the deliciously compact spaces of Gaudí’s first house. 

The past, the present and the future, united by scents. 

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