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Camins encontrats: Antoni Miralda

— Works from 1977 and 2015, curated by Enric Franch

19 May — 2 September 2017

Camins encontrats: Antoni Miralda
Miralda. "Leda," 1977.

The second edition of the Fundació Suñol's "Camins encontrats" analyses and explores the context of different periods of Antoni Miralda's work

The Fundació Suñol presents the second show of Camins encontrats, a project that aims at exploring the scope of the exhibition system and its aspects on the analysis of works of art, their exhibition, the processes that surround them, the author and the art collection they belong to, while offering the audience the maximum aesthetic and intellectual pleasure experiencing art.

The project began on 2016 with the exhibition of two works by Joan Rabascall. This year, we propose the display of two pieces by Antoni Miralda (Terrassa, 1942) that were created in different contexts. Camins encontrats aims at emphasizing on the potential of the exhibition means and that is why this show is conceived as a lab where the relationships and active components of the artistic activity can be handled and tested.

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