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Benet Rossell. A Ningú

— With the production of Adolf Alcañiz

25 May — 5 June 2016

Benet Rossell. A Ningú

A Ningú (To Anybody) shows a selection of unreleased films made by Adolf Alcañiz during the last six years, documenting actions executed by Benet Rossell (Àger, Lleida, 1937) from the intimacy of his private life. Personal metaphors linked either to his home town, Àger, or to his artistic career between Barcelona and Paris, bring us closer to the figure of a vertical artist: from the specific to the common, from the everyday gesture to poetry. The duality of the visual artist and actor invites to a dialogue that is at once material and ephemeral: the ideal conversation takes shape through a hermeneutics of the use of the objects and reminds us of that dismissed scene from Chaplin’s City Light, in which he imagined a series of possible uses of a piece of wood.

Experimental filmmaker from the Sixties, painter, poet, sculptor and playwright, this exhibition pays tribute to the intimate facet of this dedicated artist and, in the words by Jean-Clarence Lamb, to the “spectacle of everyday life.”


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