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A la Recerca dels MANNAKIS

12 — 22 November 2018

A la Recerca dels MANNAKIS
Arvydas Zalpys, 'Timeless', 2018

Brigitte Aschwanden presents a video where her interest on “noise” and silence turns these two elements into protagonists, so much so that they acquire a full discursive autonomy that structures the image in relation to sound. Patricija Gilyte proposes a visual metaphor in which the river offers the right space and setting to consider travelling and the role a person plays in it, being at once the observer and the observed. Rodolfo Green channels through a real character his life experience as an immigrant and his relationship with host cultures to talk about cultural stereotypes which, when understood, allow us to build personal relationships. Arvydas Zalpys works from his pictorial experience to present a tale about landscape and time using the analysis of language and deconstruction as conceptual tools.

Selected works

Brigitte Aschwanden
“Mirando alrededor”
Patricija Gilyte
Rodolfo Green
“Super Flamenca“
Arvydas Zalpys
“Timeless. Video novel”
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