LOOP Film selection CPH:DOX

5 — 10 November 2015

LOOP Film selection CPH:DOX

Programme of films specially curated for the CPH:DOX Market section.

CPH: MARKET is a curated film market that reflects the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival overall commitment to visually and artistically strong documentary films and offers professionals easy access to an extensive line-up of more than 200 contemporary documentary titles.. The market has 20 viewing stations and is located at The Danish Film Institute on the 4th floor. The films can also be accessed from the professional MY:DOX account for delegates.


Film programme

Los Desnudos, (2011), 12 min 17 sec
Clarisse Hahn
The black mamba I, (2014), 4 min 49 sec
Cyrus Kabiru
The Story of Milk and Honey, (2011) 9min 45 sec
Basma Alsharif
X-Ville (2015), 23 min
Jordi Colomer
Nefandus (2013) 12 min 17 sec
Carlos Motta
Corda (2014), 7 min
Pablo Lobato
Momentos que marcaron el mundo I, II, III (2012-2013) 3 min; 3 min; 3 min 17 sec
Adrian Melis
Return to Adriaport (2013) 12 min
Adela Babanova
Redemption (2013) 27 min
Miguel Gomes
Zurich (2012) 7 min 30 sec
REICHRICHTER , Marcus Vila Richter and Rebekka Reich