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3_ERAS. Film essay

— Premiere and conversation

Thursday 20 April 2017, 7 pm

3_ERAS. Film essay

Campo de Relámpagos and LOOP present the film essay '3_ERAS', an experimental documentary by María Virginia Jaua and Roberto Riquelme.

The film essay 3_ERAS is based on Jose Luis Brea’s book Las tres eras de la imagen (The three eras of the image), Akal 2010. It proposes a taxonomy of the images and their logics. Divided in three main phases –material-image, film-image and e-image– the book analyses how the diverse techniques contribute to different systems of production, distribution and reception.

The experimental documentary by María Virginia Jaua and Roberto Riquelme, thus, translates the theoretical work of the Spanish philosopher, and converts it into a document that contributes to the artistic research, the reading of the archive, and to make wider the reflection on these images – through the images themselves.

After the secreening, María Virginia Jaua will moderate a conversation between artist, activist and theorist Daniel G. Andújar, essayist, art critic and writer Iván de la Nuez and curator Valentín Roma (Director, La Virreina Centre de la Imatge).


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