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— A video by Rosa Brugat

10 — 22 November 2020


Rosa Brugat has delved into the opposite field of the other, in the masculine gender, to glimpse what happens on the other side, in the field of male prostitution, a kind of taboo that is not talked about and which reveals a completely different behavior of women in relation to desire, sex, pleasure and that, despite the apparent freedom and tolerance of today’s world, paid male prostitution remains a minority, an almost hidden luxury and to put it plainly, to be still even frowned upon Rosa Brugat has created the documentary € 100 an Hour, which talks about the male business. In February 2020 he presented it at the Cinema Retiro in Sitges and on June 30 at the Cinema Truffaut in Girona. Esteban, a male gigolo of Argentine origin, the cameraman, Andrea Resmini, Alexandra Planas as the client and Rosa Brugat as the nun took part.

El Temps de les arts – Pilar Parcerisas

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