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Gábor Ösz


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Gábor Ösz
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Single channel, HD video, Colour, Sound

LOOP Edition
Ed. 2012
Presented in LOOP by
Galerie Loevenbruck

The project “Ontology” is based on an empty film-loop, which is supported by spools to roll around a certain trajectory. The empty film passing through the projector is transformed as if into an image of light, but may also be regarded as a particular signal-lacking image of the abstract. In a manner of speaking, here the pure film’s material is transformed into image.
In the self-reflecting programme, every new scene re-generates the image of the image of the image. All this happens in a particular relation of time, because one of the properties of the film-loop is that it eliminates the linear structure of time, thus the re- and re-imaged is a film within a film, at the same time a return in the timeless plane of the infinite sense.
One of the particularities of this process can be that not only the physical film, but also its image, re-circulates.
Recording of the screening of multiplied recordings, in an ever newer space of the space of the space, with only a single motion the camera zooms in, as if returning through planes of time to the origin of the movie: the empty screen. In a timelessly designed moment of image identity, at the intersection of the opening and closing frames, the use of the loop allows the space constructing system of the image to re-start.
It is perhaps worth mentioning that for the making of the film, a digital, rather than an analogue technique was used, and the scenes were cropped together with editing tools. Thus, not a real, but an imaginary version of the picture was realised.


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