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Vasco Araújo


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Vasco Araújo
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LOOP Edition
Ed. 2006
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Galería Filomena Soares

Hereditas is a work that puts us face to face with a paradox. The action is intriguing and the location conjures up something that is strange but magical. A child sets off from deep within the woods with innocent strides that will lead us to the gutted interior of a sanatorium through vast, empty corridors. The path we take is timeless and solitary and at times, the figure of the girl seems eerily spectral to us. The paradox is in how easily and unashamedly she handles the remains she finds on the mountain (Bones). It is an encounter with something of essence, but it is a thing that–though hidden—may disclose an awesome baseness that surpasses death itself. Hereditas is a work that deals with childhood, loneliness, pain, love, death and the desire to uncover and understand the great quandaries and questions that are part of the human condition. Human, far too human.


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