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Vasco Araújo

O Percurso (El Camino /The Path)

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Vasco Araújo
O Percurso (El Camino /The Path)
12 min 14 s
Format & Technical

Single Channel, SD video, Colour, Stereo sound

LOOP Edition
Ed. 2006
Presented in LOOP by
Galería Filomena Soares

This work by Vasco Araújo parts from the three strong characteristics of the gipsy culture: the heritage, the nomadism and the oral tradition. Relates them with flameco’s poetry, result of an outstanding modus operandi of the people’s identity that practices and is defined through it. The flamenco’s poetry reflects, relates and its part of the gipsy people life.

The video presents us a journey of a man and a boy of gipsy ethnie. This journey, a result of a loss of land and consequent search for a new one, arises from the inhospitable landscapes of Andaluzia as a search for freedom. Along the path a dialogue is developed. The truth of a generation is orally transmitted to the next one.
Cutted by images of the Maccarena Virgin which assumes a maternal model, the video enhances all the inherent mystic to a journey of wisdom and seacrh for freedom.


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