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Vasco Araújo

Apollo’s Women (Mulheres de Apollo)

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Vasco Araújo
Apollo’s Women (Mulheres de Apollo)
18 min
Format & Technical

Single channel, HD video, Colour, Sound, English subtitle

LOOP Edition
Ed. 2010
Presented in LOOP by
Galería Filomena Soares

Apollo’s Womenis the name of Vasco Araújo’s. Its title comes not only from the facts that it was shot in the Sociedade Filarmónica Alunos de Apolo and that some of the characters are people that usually attend it, but also because its an evocation of the Apollo’s myth, the god form Greek mythology that supported Troy and its women against the Greeks. The video’s monologue, created by the artist from different texts, has quotes from Euripedes’ “Trojan Women” (415 b.C.), that narrates the courage, resistance and intelligence of the Troy’s women when faced with the massacre delivered by the Greeks. Those words are spoken by a middle aged woman, wearing purportedly “glamorous” clothing, that quests for an escape to lowliness, and her husband’s abuses, in a dancing hall infer a heroic and tragic dimension that is also profoundly sad. This woman that is shown to us by voice (actress Lúcia Sigalho’s voice), body shots and  whose face is only show in the end… the face, as well as the body, we can then realize that is the artist himself, the woman is, after all the artist.


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