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LOOP Talks 2018: Domestic and Urban Landscapes

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Through a series of roundtable discussions gathering together international art professionals, the LOOP Talks 2018 provided the space to debate and exchange ideas on contemporary modes of production or the cluster of acknowledged practices and concepts that form a context within which the moving image is used and circulated.

In response to the film selection Domestic and Urban Landscapes produced by In Between Art Film and curated by Paola Ugolini at the Fundació Suñol, we invited to the Talks three great artists whose works were included in the collective screening screening: Nicolò Massaza and Iacopo Bedogni from MASBEDO and Hans Op de Beeck. The talk reviewed the content of their work and touched upon a series of themes as different as the notions of ‘beauty’, ‘magic’, ‘mistery’ and the diverse modes of production that define each artists’ practice.

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