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Domestic and Urban Landscapes

— Paola Ugolini in conversation with Hans Op de Beeck and MASBEDO

Wednesday 21 November 2018, 12:30 pm

Domestic and Urban Landscapes
MASBEDO, 'Until the End',2011. Courtesy the artists and InBetweenArtFilm

Formally launched in 2012 by Beatrice Bulgari, In Between Art Film is a film production company that explores the shifting boundaries between contemporary art, video art and cinema. In the context of its first collaboration with LOOP, In Between Art Film has presented a video selection featuring works by international artists that variously deal with domestic architecture and the urban space. Furthermore, the chosen videos offer an overview of contemporary moving image creation, while they present an aesthetics that is coherent with the films produced by In Between Art Film. At the presence of two of the artists involved in the exhibition, – the Italian duo MASBEDO and Hans Op de Beeck –, curator Paola Ugolini will then explore the concept behind the programme touching open the production company’s mission and activity.

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