James Rielly

1956, Wrexham


James Rielly participated in various artist residencies programs, among others at Fine Art Work Centre, Provincetown, 1984-85; Kunstlerhause Bethanien, Berlin, 1988-89; or The Momart fellowship, Liverpool Tate Gallery, 1995. His paintings have been showcased during solo shows at Musee des Beaux-arts de Nates, 1997; Centre d’art Nauchatel, 1998; La Box, Bourges, 2014; Beaux-Arts and Cabinet des dessins Jean Bonna, Paris, 2015. He has also participated in numerous group shows like Sensation Saatchi collection, Royal Academy, London, 1997; Outlook, curated by Christos M Joachimides, Athens, 2003; Donation Florence et Daniel Guerlain, Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2014; and Thinking things through at New Art Projects, London, 2016. Currently lives in France and works as Professeur at the Beaux-arts de Paris.

Last update 8th May, 2017