Gabriel Virgilio Luciani


Gabriel Virgilio Luciani
Gabriel Virgilio Luciani
Curator, Participant

The research field where curator Gabriel Virgilio Luciani operates, is at a gaseous intersection between poetry, neo-corporeality, queer theory, magic, and objectivity. The understanding of the subject — intended as all the biological, liquid, mineral, gaseous, and solid entities — as a ship of affectivity and potentiality, of an indefinite and mutant nature, is the axis along which this research orbits, which is carried out by means of scanning the emotional substratum of our world, looking for new poly-relational cartographies between what has been binary reduced and dichotomously despised. Between 2016-2019, her curatorial practice took place in various art spaces and galleries; especially in the self-managed space, La Cera 13. She is currently finishing her Master’s Degree in Digital Arts Curation at the Ramon Llull University in Barcelona and completing a curatorial residency at Tangent Projects in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

Last update: 22nd October 2020