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Cristina Cremades Carreño

1992, Barcelona

Cristina  Cremades Carreño
Cristina Cremades Carreño

She showed an interest in art, culture, and the creative world from a young age. In 2010, she began studying at the Barcelona School of Architecture (UPC), but after two years she decided to focus her studies in a completely different field. She transferred to the University of Barcelona where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage. During that period, she worked in the restoration workshop at CRAI Biblioteca de Fons Antic as a document and paper restorer. She completed her university education at the Faculty of Geography and History in 2019, where she discovered her passion for heritage management beyond the material aspect.

She has worked on cultural and educational projects as a freelancer and in collaboration with small companies in the cultural sector for institutions such as the Catalan Heritage Agency, Casa Vicens, Railway Museum, Mémora, Archaeological Museum of Catalonia, Playmedia, Hospitalet Museum, Empordà Museum, Catalonia Toy Museum, Barcelona Provincial Council, Agbar Water Museum, What’s Up, and Gem. Currently, she works as a
cultural manager and conservator at the Ernesto Ventós Foundation.

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