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Fundación Ernesto Ventós

Fundación  Ernesto Ventós
Fundación Ernesto Ventós

The Ernesto Ventós Foundation is an organisation that emerged in 2019 from the legacy of Ernesto Ventós Omedes (Barcelona, 1945-2020), a perfumer, entrepreneur, artist, and philanthropist. Deaf from birth and raised within a family dedicated to the world of scents, Ernesto grew up comprehending the world through the most overlooked sense: the sense of smell.

Ernesto Ventós believed that creativity can take on many forms. This genuine and unique perspective motivated him to expand his abilities, and demonstrate that art, among many other things, also has a scent.

Today, his Foundation feels compelled to continue his lifelong commitment, seeking to bring the sensory world closer to people to awaken their curiosity and enrich their experience of culture and art.

Ernesto Ventós Foundation

Editorial curator Loop 2023: Cristina Cremades Carreño

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