Anna Maria Guasch


Anna Maria Guasch is Professor of Global Art History and Art Criticism at the University of Barcelona. In the last fifteen years, Guasch has focused on the study of international art from the second half of the 20th Century and has analyzed the expositions it has generated. This line of investigation has lead to publications The Art of the 20th Century and Its Exhibitions: 1945-1995 (Serbal Editions, Barcelona, 2009) and The Manifestos of Postmodern Art: Texts of Expositions 1980-1995 (Akal/Arte Contemporáneo, Madrid, 2000) with contributions by C. Joachimides, D. Kuspit, A. Bonito Oliva, K. Power, D. Crimp, H. Foster, T. Crow, H. Szeemann, C. David, J.H. Martin y T. McEvilley, among others.

Currently, Guasch focuses her investigations on three areas: Archiving – Memory and Contemporary Art, Art History and Visual Studies, and Contemporary Art and Globalization. The first of these foci was developed and exhibited in Visual Autobiographies: Between the Archive and the Index (Siruela, Madrid, 2009), and Art and Archive: Genealogies, Typologies, and Discontinuities (Madrid, Akal/Arte Contemporáneo, 2011), and in presentations at conferences of related sciences such as the 20th ANPAP Meeting (Rio de Janeiro, 2011) in which she presented Contemporary Archival Practices: Between the Domestic and the Public, Memory and History, Global and Local.

Guasch directs and coordinates Global Art Archive, a research group that studies archives and their role as a liaison between collective memory and individual development ( In addition, she is part of the London-based international studyVisual Culture Studies in Europe, the Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA), and Zahia Rhamani’s Art et mondialisation (Art and Globalization) research group in Paris (INHA). Along with Marquard Smith and Joaquín Barriendos, she organized the international congress Visualizing Europe – The Geopolitical and Intercultural Boundaries of Visual Culture (University of Barcelona, 2011) and has participated in Third International Workshop on Art Criticism (Madrid-Ciudad Real 2011).

Last update: May 15th, 2017